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Findy -

GPS tracker
for motorcycles, scooters and e-bicycles

Find your motorcycle anywhere with tracking device findyRide

127,85 €

with 1 month subscription included


Innovative device with hidden installation, which will help you to find your motorcycle anywhere


findyRide is a practical device which helps you find your scooter, motorbicycle and ATV with a single CLICK. This way your ride will be protected thanks to an innovative positioning system.

Compact size for hiding near the vehicle battery

Even on e-bikes, e-scooters and e-trottinettes

*It can be powered from 6 V to 60 V DC

Do you want to know where your ride is at all times?

The solution is findyRide

You will be notified when your bike is moving

How it works?

Step 1
findyBike has three buttons available – find the device “GO FINDY!”, history for the last search “LAST LOCATION” and security mode “LOCK/UNLOCK”.

Step 2
When you press the “GO FINDY!” button you will initiate a new search. After 40 seconds the App will load the map showing approximate GSM position. Within the next 20 seconds, the device will be positioned with an accurate GPS position and will start real-time tracking – “LIVE TRACKING”.

Step 3
The starting GSM position is an area with approximate location of the device. It’s calculated based on nearby mobile cells and it is updated every 45 seconds. This mode activates automaticaly when the device is indoors or underground, where no GPS signal is available. At the same time, the device keeps searching for a GPS signal and if available, starts GPS positioning.

Step 4
LIVE tracking starts when a GPS signal is available. In this mode, the position of the device on the map is displayed as a Pin with Findy’s logo. Every 12-15 seconds the Pin moves showing the new position, leaving behind a path of dots of the old positions.

Step 5
By selecting the “LAST LOCATION” button you can check the history of the last found location of the device.

Step 6
By pressing the “LOCK / UNLOCK” button you can activate or stop the “Security” mode. In this mode, while driving, the device wakes up, sends a notification to the application and starts ACTIVE tracking.

With a single CLICK of "GO FINDY!" you will see both your position and the findyRide position on the map. Just download the free findy app for iOS or Android.

Findy application
Made for any findy device

  • One application for all your devices. Find your findyPet, findyRide, findyCar, findyBike and findyOne with a single click.
  • You can share any of your findy devices with your friends and family. In this way more than one user could find it.
  • Choose different names, icons, notes and notification settings for each findy device.
  • Just open the brochure in the package and scan the QR activation code to add the device.
  • If you have a question or encounter an issue, you can write to us in the Support section in the App. We will answer you shortly.
  • You may use our native applications for iOS and Android or our WEB platform, available from any browser.

Technical specifications

Hidden installation

Only you will know, that your vehicle has a GPS

Long battery life

Up to 15 days in Standby mode with one charge

Motion sensor

You will be notified when the bike is moving

Size and weight

  • Size: 67 mm x 36 mm x 17 mm
  • Weight: 45 gr.
  • Wires for connection to an external battery: 30 cm.

Hidden installation

  • findyRide is small and light with industrial design, disguising it as part of the vehicle. The design of the device, as well as the internal installation makes it almost undetectable by thieves.
  • The device is designed and optimized for connection to an external voltage source DC 6 V to 60 V. Install it in a compartment which will protects findyRide from water, mud and dust and at the same time would not block the GSM and GPS signal.
  • The installation must comply with the requirements of the manufacturer of your vehicle and be carried out by a qualified person.


Standart power consumption in Standby mode 0.88 mA

  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Battery voltage: 3.7 V
  • Battery capacity: 850 mAh

Up to 15 days in Standby mode
It’s recommended to connect the device to the battery / accumulator of your vehicle. That way, findyRide will not consume power from its own battery and will run indefinitely.


  • Pre-installed SIM card for your convenience
  • The SIM card is in Roaming mode, using all mobile operators in Bulgaria
  • Unlimited searches worldwide. Without data restrictions even outside the EU
  • Works with more than 420 mobile operators in 160 countries
  • You need to have an active subscription, to use your findy device
  • With some of the lowest subscriptions on the market, starting from 2.08 € per month with one year subscription


  • GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver
  • Precise GPS positioning outdoors
  • Approximate / GSM positioning indoors, based on the nearby mobile operators antennas

System requirements

Compatible with:

  • iOS v.7 or newer
  • Android OS v4.3 or newer

Operating temperature range

  • Normal operating conditions: -20°C ~ +50°C
  • Storage temperature: -25°C ~ +60°C

In the Box

  • findyRide device x 1
  • findyBike battery (green module) x 1
  • 2 in 1 user manual and warranty card x 1

* The device will activate automatically, when you connect it to the battery of your vehicle

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