findy Products
Long-lasting battery
More than 20 days battery life on a single charge. The device works only when you click Go Findy button so you don't need to recharge every couple of days.
Worldwide service
No additional contracts or services are required. Just take your pet and go anywhere you want. Fixed 2.08 € per month subscription is everything you need.
Various case colors
You can choose from one of our cases. They all fit most available leashes and protect the device from water and dust. Operation under extreme temperatures -20℃ +60℃ is a standard for us.
Amazing positioning
Our algorithms provide many accurate ways to position your car. Outdoor we use all satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) simultaneously. Inside we have one of the best cellular positioning. The last mile is done by unique radio transmitter.
No wiring
The amazing battery inside the device can operate for more than 1 year on a single battery charge. In this way any wiring or special mounting are not needed and all violations of warranty terms are avoided. Just hide findyCar in your vehicle and enjoy your ride.
Security mode
You can turn ON or OFF the security mode of your findyCar from the app. Should the car starts moving while in security mode we will instantly notify you and start live tracking.
find your things
findyLite is a Bluetooth-based tiny device. Attached to your stuff it allows you to easily find it with your phone playing hide-and-seek or turning the sound on.
find your phone
The device is capable of waking up the phone by the press of a button. Good news, you will never look for your phone again.
Going out without your car keys? No more! Findy App will let you know when you are about to forget it.
findy application
All in one
Single application for all your findy devices. Find your pet, car, bike and keys with a single click
Device sharing and transfer
You can share any findy device with your friends and family. In this way more than one user could find it.
Multiplatform application
You may use our native applications for iOS and Android or findy Web platform on any connected device.
Easy to add your findy
Just open the user manual and scan the activation QR code and enjoy all features of both devices and application.
Support inside the application
In case of problems with findy you can use the support chat 24/7
Customize your devices
Choose different names, icons, notes and notification settings on each findy device
We love finding!